Press releases

Project Marketing works with clients to create newsworthy announcements that are distributed to appropriate media contacts at newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations.  Individual releases can be generated from a variety of sources, such as news, events, products, financial/earnings, and social media.  Return to Top 


By establishing specific topics that are distinctive to each client, Project Marketing researches and creates content and integrates company branding with relevant source material. [Click Here to Download the complete PMI List of PublicationsReturn to Top


In order to acquire media interest, Project Marketing creates and sends inquiries to editors introducing article topics for consideration.  Return to Top

White papers

By drafting and promoting these educational reports, or guides, Project Marketing helps clients optimize their expertise and gather positive exposure by informing their audience about targeted solutions.  Return to Top


Project Marketing provides contributing content to newsletters on behalf of clients, or serves as a supportive arm to develop and manage subject material for a client’s company newsletter.  Return to Top

Website copy

Helping clients to communicate their brand values on their website in order to target the right audience is one way that Project Marketing can assist clients in raising their profile as an industry leader.  Return to Top

Sales letters

In an effort to generate sales for the client, Project Marketing develops effective and direct letters that build trust and forge connections with the target audience.  Return to Top

Case studies

By way of research strategy, Project Marketing has developed case studies that involve an in-depth examination of a single instance or event according to the client. Each case study provides a systematic way of looking at events, data, analysis and results.  Return to Top

Marketing Communications

Printed marketing collateral materials such as brochures and sales sheets are an effective way for Project Marketing to communicate a client’s brand and market.  Return to Top

Market Research

Gathering information about customers, trends, markets and practices enables Project Marketing to better serve clients and help them develop an effective business strategy.  Return to Top